Here are a few common questions that we come across in our work.

What is zero waste?

The term "zero waste" has been discussed in environmental and waste reduction circles since the early 2000s.  The Zero Waste International Alliance defines zero waste as a minimum 90 percent diversion of wasted materials from landfills and incinerators.  While some municipalities and businesses have adopted their own zero waste diversion percentage goal, few are lower than 80 percent.  The non-profit Institute for Local Self Reliance has an interesting history on the Zero Waste movement

Is zero waste even attainable?

Zero waste stories on the internet tend to focus on the ever-resourceful person who somehow manages to store all their "waste" generated over the past year in a mason jar.  At (r)evolve, we don't think that sort of waste reduction is feasible at scale.  We do believe that most businesses, governments, and organizations can significantly reduce the amount of waste generated. We're here to help you do that.

Are you certified?

Yes, we have been certified through Green Business Certification, Inc. (GBCI) as TRUE Advisors. TRUE Advisors support and implement zero waste programs, lead facilities through the TRUE certification process, and help implement a process of continuous improvement towards zero waste. 

Where do you work?

We're based in Washington, D.C., but we work across the U.S.