We've worked on on all sides of the table. We seek out and provide additional perspectives to develop and implement projects that bring value to the business.   

Amy Kelley

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Amy is a problem solver; she enjoys finding ways to make things happen. During her 20+ years as an environmental and sustainability professional, Amy has worked internationally across various industries with companies including Ernst & Young, ERM, Shell, and TransCanada.  She has supervised the sustainable development of multi-million dollar projects, and has developed product stewardship and waste management plans for several global companies. 

A certified environmental, health & safety (EHS) auditor and advisor, Amy is co-author of a series of U.S. state and federal EHS regulatory compliance guides published by Specialty Technical Publishers, as well as numerous corporate sustainability reports.  She is a presenter and workshop facilitator for topics including sustainability issues in the energy industry, and waste management.

Amy received an M.Sc. in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London and a B.A. in International Business from the University of Washington.

A Seattle native, Amy remembers when REI was a one-store company in a dingy basement in the warehouse district.  A follower of their #OptOutside philosophy, Amy can be found hiking, biking, or kayaking not only on Black Friday, but most weekends. 

Catherine Plume


Cathy enjoys working with people, and finding creative and sustainable uses for what others might consider waste.  With over 25 years of experience, Cathy has designed, implemented, and evaluated sustainable development projects throughout the world. While at World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, World Resources Institute, and CARE, Cathy worked with companies and governments to create and improve sustainable supply chains for a variety of commodities. 

Having worked on sustainability issues from different sides of the table, Cathy is sensitive to how different perspectives relate. She's comfortable in meetings with high level corporate and government partners and with workers on the ground. 

Cathy received an M.S. in Watershed Management from the University of Arizona, and a B.S. in forestry from Stephen F. Austin State University. 

Cathy grew up in Austin, and through her career, she has traveled extensively and lived in Paraguay, Bolivia, Togo, and Mali. While English is her native language,  she is also fluent in Spanish and French.  She's fascinated with her worm bin and loves to can and tend to her urban garden when she's not recycling, upcycling, or freecycling.